Tracking Monthly Pledges

Curious, and it might be a big thing for me when it comes to building incentives, but can you actually track down a particular patron’s pledge history?

For example: “Loyalty Reward: For those who stuck around in this pledge for five months, they’re granted access to…”

If so, how would I obtain said information?

At the moment the only data available to us is the current state of the pledge plus the total_historical_amout_cents value which represents the lifetime value of a pledge (less refunds). You would need to build a system that is responsible for keeping track of the state of each pledge if you wish to know things like “how long has this patron had this reward?”. Depending on the level of information you need you may be able to make this system just using webhooks however if you need payment status information then you’d need to build out a system that requests data from Patreon routinely (as webhooks are only made for user-initiated status changes; not automated (i.e payment)).

You can find a previous question someone asked along these lines here: Point System based on Rewards on Patreon

You can also find a bunch of information about how the Patreon system works provided by the Patreon team in the following 2 topics, which was helpful for me when building a system similar to the one you describe:

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Yes. This isn’t something thats directly tracked by Patreon, but I built a little tool to help track patron history over the long run so you can see full pledge history:

It can’t track your existing pledges but it can track any new ones.

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