Using Patreon Webhooks to Initiate GitHub Actions Workflow

I’m wanting to have Patreon webhooks kick off a GitHub Actions Workflow. Patreon

This is the URL format I’ve attempted to use;[username]/[repo_name]/dispatches

I’ve added the following to my workflow .yml file on GitHub;

    branches: [ source ]

Sending tests from Patreon’s webhooks page doesn’t kick off a workflow run. I assume that I need to provide a GitHub auth token to Patreon’s webhook page somehow, but I’m not sure how to do so or if an auth token is a solution at all. Perhaps there’s a way to add header info to the URL field? What am I missing here?

You may need to do this with custom code, it is not directly supported by Patreon.
In other words, you may need to make your own webhook handling server to redirect the webhook to github.


Like Lira says, you can’t do it from Patreon’s webhook interface. You can do that by using your own intermediary app. (any stack, anywhere). You can have Patreon communicate the events to your app, and then you can trigger what needs to be triggered in other services using those service’s authorization.

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Thanks all. I ended up using Postman as an intermediary to accomplish this.

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