What is the structure of the social_connections JSON object? (Lacking documentation)

It has yet to be documented it seems, the User V2’s social_connections field is just displayed as type object in the docs and the only information in there is an example response showing the following:

"social_connections": {
	"deviantart": null,
	"discord": null,
	"facebook": null,
	"reddit": null,
	"spotify": null,
	"twitch": null,
	"twitter": null,
	"youtube": null

The only info I’ve found about what it contains was on a post or two in here where someone displayed some of their data and it’s only ever been the Discord object structure:

"discord": {
	"scopes": ["guilds", "guilds.join", "identify"],
	"url": null,
	"user_id": "************"

Is it possible to get documentation on the social_connections object? Or does anyone know the structures of the other objects (though it would be much preferable to have an official source of information)? It is quite inconvenient to have to figure it out live by making a test account, connecting 8 different test accounts from these services to it (I don’t have half of those) and making a test pledge with my banking info.

That social connections response looks about right. Only discord should may a detailed response at this moment.

Hmm, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by a detailed response, the other objects besides Discord will always be null or they’re just strings themselves?

They should at least return a string if a user has them connected. You can try connecting a social network to your test account and checking the return for that user.