Which url api should I fetch to get latest patron_status?


How can I get the latest patron_status for a user, please?
I already have a token for the user, what should I query with that token next to get the patron_status?

patron_status can be null or one of the following values: active_patron , declined_patron , former_patron. I need to get that from the api, how can I do it please?

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Please help me here.

You can just examine the examples in any Patreon library or read API documentation to see some examples:


The call on the right gets you status of a patron.

This PHP example shows how to get details of a logged in user when you are using the user’s access token.

If you want to mass-process user info, you can get your campaign info, then get members and then iterate each member to get their info. PHP API class has functions to do that - you can also use those as examples to make your own functions.