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Hi there,

I tried some code from previous answers but I can’t get it to work.


WordPress with Patreon Plugin, PHP Shortcode Plugin, Advanced Ads

I want to make my website ad free for Patreons only.

Thanks for some help.

The code I tested didn’t work: Dropbox Paper

Shortcodes wont work with that code. That code is for you to embed wherever you are showing the ads (header, sidebar etc), and encapsulating only the ad content inside the conditional.

Ie, you place the code in your theme’s header.php, just around the individual ad code (ie Google ads js).

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Is there another way to get this job done with DIVI (Ad Sections or/and Integration)?

Thanks in advanced!

If the Divi content is inside the post content, you can use Patron Plugin Pro’s shortcode that shows things only to non-patrons.

If the Divi content is outside the post content and instead somewhere in your theme, then you have to use the custom locking code and modify your theme’s relevant template file.

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I will give it a try the next days.
Thank you !

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