Using patreon to create ad free version of Wordpress site

I would like to use patreon to show a version of the site that does not display ads. any idea how this would be possible?

Its actually pretty simple:

You can use the above code to put your ad-code. Then it will only display when user is not a patron. Or a patron from a tier lower than you determined.

Similarly, and oppositely, you can use the below code to gate any part of your website. Ie, header, footer, a section in header, a custom patron greeting you placed somewhere etc.

Ok - I thought there might be something simple like that.

The next idea I had was to ask Ad-Block users to become a Patreon. The idea being if someone want to view my site ad-free, then they become a patreon.

Can other code (like an AdUnblocker)

some how interact with the patreon plugin?

Currently an in built feature for this does not exist. But asking something is not a problem - you can use any such plugin as you listed, and then give a link to proper tier at your Patreon profile and ask users to pledge there if they want to use the site without ads.