Using patreon to create ad free version of Wordpress site

I would like to use patreon to show a version of the site that does not display ads. any idea how this would be possible?

Its actually pretty simple:

You can use the above code to put your ad-code. Then it will only display when user is not a patron. Or a patron from a tier lower than you determined.

Similarly, and oppositely, you can use the below code to gate any part of your website. Ie, header, footer, a section in header, a custom patron greeting you placed somewhere etc.

Ok - I thought there might be something simple like that.

The next idea I had was to ask Ad-Block users to become a Patreon. The idea being if someone want to view my site ad-free, then they become a patreon.

Can other code (like an AdUnblocker)

some how interact with the patreon plugin?

Currently an in built feature for this does not exist. But asking something is not a problem - you can use any such plugin as you listed, and then give a link to proper tier at your Patreon profile and ask users to pledge there if they want to use the site without ads.

Hi, I am trying to do the same by removing ad from my wordpress site for patreon patron. I have the patreon plugin. I have header body footer plugin where I installed google ad script. The php code to hide codes doesn’t work. keep me posted on how patron can view the ad free version of my site.

If you are using the custom PHP code that hides/shows any portion of your website, that will have to be inserted into the actual theme code and not any other plugin’s input.

Also, note that the PHP code for hiding ads is different in between Patreon WordPress and Patron Plugin Pro.

I have Patreon Wordpress Plugin not the Pro version. Will the Pro version roll out ad-free options? I would pay annually if it’s able to hide google adsense.