Disabling ADS with patreon wordpress plugin

I would like to ask how can I disable ads on my website using patreon wordpress free plugin, I am using admanager plugin to insert ads manually, the plugin does have an option to turn off ads to specific roles.
but the patreon wordpress plugin ads a subscriber role to everyone that login using patreon even if the user isn’t my patron.
is there a way to give specific role to users depending on the pledge tier?
is there a way to prevent someone that isn’t my patron to login using patreon?

Thank you in advance

Currently it requires manual modification to the theme to hide/show ads based on patronage. The plugin will start adding roles to users in a few releases. Then you could ad manager to disable ads.

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Can you provide an example of a conditional statements to use? For example if(valid_patron) { // disable adverts }

You can use Patreon_Wordpress::getUserPatronage() to get the pledge amount a user has. Then, based on the user being a valid patron with > 0 pledge, you can hide the ad.

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