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Hi Everyone

I am a newbie to Patreon.

I have some tasks I will like to resolve here… I will appreciate some patience and honest guidance. Thank you everyone.

I need a wordpress plugin that uses the patreon webhook api to assign roles

I’m setting up a book database that will display google adsense ads. I want to be able to remove ads for people who support the site on patreon. I have WP Bakery, so I can disable certain elements based on role. I also have Userpro, which has the ability to allow users to submit inputs for custom fields (in this case the email they use for patreon).

Breaking it down:
I need to prevent the same custom field input (patreon email) being used twice
I need to check the custom field input (patreon email) against the retrieved email from patreon patreon
I need to see if the current pledge is active


I replied to your questions in your other thread:

The question can be deleted, It is duplicate