Shortcodes to limit access to content?

So what I want on my site is actually the inverse of what the plugin kind of promises; I want to be able to display certain content to people who are NOT patreons; specifically, I’d like to be able to wrap my ads in some manner of short code or logic to not display them if the reader is logged in and a Patreon for at least $1.

Is that something I can do? If not, that would be extremely useful. I don’t want to hide entire posts (for the most part, I do have potential use for that though), but I do want to be able to give ad-free access to Patreons without managing accounts for everyone.

Also, is there a list of shortcodes somewhere? There’s mention of shortcodes existing but no lists or examples that I can tell.

Currently there is only the login shortcode which allows you to show a login button anywhere on your website (in places that accept shortcodes).

The inverse functionality you speak of does not exist either in Patreon WordPress (official plugin) or Patron Pro currently.