Shortcode for Wordpress plugin?

So… the Patreon plugin is now available on the Wordpress plugin listing, and the features for it promise shortcode for embedding patron-only content inside public posts… yet there is no documentation letting us know how to use this…

I find this whole development very confusing as a not-particularly-technical Patreon creator.

@PossibilityStorm you’re right - it’s pretty inconsistent, and that’s an oversight on our part. This happened as we pulled out a few confusing shortcodes to simplify the surface area of the plugin, but dropped the ball on documenting the change.

We’re going to straighten out which shortcodes are functional and make sure they’re documented. Thank you!

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Any updates on this?

The shortcode option to make only part of a post visible to Patrons is super desirable… for me anyway… but I believe that many Patreon-based content creators use a freemium model that would benefit from this…

Shortcode feature is not present in free version, but its available in Patron Pro, a 3rd party addon to the official plugin. It locks any amount of snippets for 1. More complex post locking options with any amount is in the works.

Yours, right? I searched for it inside WP and found nothing. Where do I find it?

Have you checked the documentation that was delivered with the downloads? Its all in there.