Shortcode not fully working - solved

When I’m locking parts of a post with the Shortcode:

[ppp_patron_only level=”15″] my content[/ppp_patron_only]

on the frontend for non-logged-in users the amount appears still $1

from my understanding from the manual should be $15 with this particular shortcode.



This is related to Patron Plugin Pro, the premium addon to Patreon Wordpress so you could have opened a ticket at for this if you wished priority support.

In any case, a caching plugin at your WP site or server side caching at your host may be keeping a stale version of the page instead of updating it with the latest state. CDN may also be a reason. You may want to check those out.

I know but this is not super urgent. I just purchased the pro plugin and playing around. And I was thinking It could help others who might run into this.

I just deactivated my caching and CDN, because from my experience with this you often run into this kind of problems. But it is still there.

Another addition, I used the Shortcode in Gutenberg:

Is there any other plugin that is related to shortcodes?

Can you disable all other plugins than Patreon related plugins and see if this changes anything?

I found the solution : You have to change the Quotation marks, by copying the short code you might get the wrong ones. I suggest this problem occurs when your OS is not set to English. The might look identical but they are different.


In Documentation:
[ppp_patron_only level=”2″]Your content here[/ppp_patron_only]

[ppp_patron_only level=“2”]Your content here[/ppp_patron_only]

”″ → “”

Merry Christmas

P.S: This is a quite common mistake when copying codes and super hard to spot.

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Yep, quotation marks may end up being different type of characters depending on browser/language and theme display. Great to hear you solved it.

this really happens with these JS driven editors like TinyMCE and similar when working with different languages. It took me two days to figure out a similar problem with copying content from a Word document into WordPress… all the “e” in the text were after copying not the common “e”, but a uncommon typographical character “e” with a total different meaning. in the frontend the typography was off, and we had no idea why.

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