Weird text added for Locked Posts

I use Patreon Plugin Pro 1.3.1 and Patreon Wordpress 1.2.5. I just did an update of Patreon plugins and there’s a weird text added to locked posts (highlighted)

Now, my guess is that there’s been some update and I don’t have the newest PPP - i didn’t get the 1.3.2 update and the download link in my Codebard account gets me the 1.3.1 version. I also have this issue in the post editor:

I guess with the new plugin version, instead of “Loading” I should see the names of my Tiers.

Help me out with that :slight_smile:

Please try deactivating, deleting Patreon WordPress, and then letting Patron Pro reinstall it.

Didn’t change a thing. The issue persists. See yourself, for example here:

Are you using Patron Pro 1.3.2?

Nope, can’t get it :confused: I tried downloading it from my Codebard account but after clicking the link I get the 1.3.1 version and auto-update didn’t work for me.
(just send you a pm here to help me get that newest version)

Just try checking if an update is available for Patron Pro in your wp admin’s plugins page in 20-30 minutes.

Cool! Got the update and now it looks better. Still got two things I want to straighten out:

  1. The added text also includes a hyperlink - how to edit where it directs as it is linking to some non-existant site (or how can I edit the whole added text)
  2. This is a bit more about style. Why the added extra text is indented differently then the other part of the sneak peak text. How to change that?

See highlighted parts in the screenshot below (sample url:

This seems to be a Patron Pro bug.

A fix will be issued for this tomorrow.