No Shortcode with Contribution Level?


I just purchased the Patron Plugin Pro and wonder where I can set the level or amount of contribution using the shortcode [ppp_patron_only] to lock some parts of content in a post?

Couldn’t find it in the manual or anywhere else. This is the most important feature for me and the reason I purchased this plugin.

Thanks for helping me out.

Hi, you can receive patron pro support at CodeBard’s own website by popping up a support ticket.

As for patron only snippet shortcode, it currently doesnt support levels and defaults only to 1. amount feature is a feature that has technical (and performance) difficulties (although minor) and it currently doesnt support it. Though it will support it in the next few versions. I’d say a month and a half at most.

Also please note that your mail server is refusing incoming emails with below error:

The response from the remote server was:

550 5.7.1 Recipients have complained about included content (B-TEXT)

Ok, thanks. What do you mean by email server?


The email you have used for registration at CodeBard site is not accepting emails - i included its response to CodeBard email server (uses google apps mail) above.