Wordpress Block Editor Gutenberg editor - Patreon PRO Plugin

Hi All,

Does anyone know how to have a patreon-only content for a particular ‘Block’ using the Wordpress Gutenberg Editor?

In my case I only allow Patreon members to download the files and I am using the block type under Media → ‘File’ this allows the users to download a PDF file.

Now the problem I am having is how to set a patreon gate for this particular Block Type only? The setting I can see is either for the all page and I am unable to put the blow blockcode and add the File Download inside the ‘Your Conten Here’

[ppp_patron_only level=2]Your content here[/ppp_patron_only]

The CSS Class for this particular Block is as below, any suggestion on how to set a patreon gate for this block?

I am using the Patreon PRO Plugin.

@codebard any update on this? I am trying to get a response from you from your official support channel and its been almost a week without any response.

File locking isnt supported in any Patreon plugin yet. But you can lock the link as a partial content by using the shortcode as I posted in your support ticket.

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