Wordpress Patreon VERY Basics

I’m sorry this is so basic. I need to confirm what I believe the Patron Plugin Pro can do before I purchase.

My client wants to have his the blog portion of his website duplicate all of his Patreon posts, whether free or a Patron payment level. I think this is doable after seeing one of the demos on the codebard site.

If so, does this mean that my client can enter the post in Patreon and it populates on the wordpress site. I don’t suppose it works the reverse at all. That’s okay but just wondering.

And also I do not think the Patreon plugin does this, it only locks content. Is this correct?

Please note that this forum is for the official free Patreon WordPress plugin.

Unfortunately currently Patreon API does not support cross-posting from Patreon or to Patreon, therefore neither the free Patreon WordPress or premium Patron Pro can do it.

So to clarify…when I see the demo here:

Those are posts written in wordpress and all that is added is the become a patron button?

One would have to duplicate the Patreon post in Wordpress then.

Yes they are posts in wordpress locked by Patron Pro.

Indeed, currently since there isnt any way to cross-post to and from Patreon, one would need to manually duplicate posts to and from Wordpress.

This is a frequent request and it may be considered by the team in near future.

thank you for your reply. It would be a very helpful feature.