Wordpress Plugin Feature Ideas

I’d like to see a way to post back to patreon that a new wordpress post has been made for those who follow patreon only posts. Sometimes my domain name gets stuck in spam and Patreon doesn’t and sometimes people look at Patreon to see what is updated. Thanks


Drip content, please.

Most of the patreons I follow are using it for “early access” type of patreon rewards, but how fast you go is determined by your tier. (Or it’s more like, you get 5 advanced pages for Tier 1, or 10 advanced pages for Tier 3.) And that’s before considering that such early access reward will eventually be published for the general visitors as well.

I only recently found out that it was called as such. If it can be implemented soon, that’ll be awesome.


I haven’t actually used the plugin much. I just installed it.

But, I noticed that you told users to leave brutally honest feedback in the admin notification. That’s a good strategy if you want to tank your ratings. It should say something positive like, “Like this plugin? Click here to leave a rating!” Otherwise you’ll just attract negative people in your ratings.

Also, you have no screenshots in the description of your plugin. That’s one of the most important things. I was surprised to see this was the official plugin when I noticed there was no screenshots. I almost didn’t download it.

Other than that, the software seems fine from my limited experience of it. But you should consider those two things!


By the way, dripping content is possible since 1.2.0 - you can use the total historical pledge amount.

What this needs:

  • ability to protect various sections of the website, not just the posts; for example, by default, the plugin protects posts, but not comments; while this can be solved manually, it should work out of the box.

  • getting auth done server side - some of my readers try to access the web page from their work computers, but their firewalls (at work) block patreon. As such, locking posts/comments doesn’t really work for them (they can’t authenticate).

Some parts like comments can be reliably locked since they use standard WP functions and there is one single point to hook into, but any part of website cant be handled like that since any plugin/theme may present WP content or features differently.

However the below code exists to lock whatever section of your website as you noted.

About to integrate into our wordpress ecommerce website and would love to give our Patrons discounts at different levels. example, a $10 patron would receive a 10%, $15 patron; 15%…etc

I believe this can be accomplished via the coupon system by setting the coupons to specific patreon levels.


I believe you can accomplish this by using the custom lock code:

Expanding the if to coincide with the Patreon levels you wish while using the ecommerce plugin’s hooks/filters to get the code process coupons could accomplish what you need.

I think it would be really cool if I could post on Patreon and have it flow to Wordpress automatically, without having to double post.


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Yeah, that is a feature which is frequently asked for. The team is aware of the demand for this feature, but currently there is no plan for implementing it anytime soon.

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Yes please just a basic way to create conditionals in our themes would provide all the latitude for more dynamism

I’m a Tech Blogger who has had a Patreon for many years, and I need to find a way to reward my Patrons with these benefits:

1 - Patron only “Insider” posts

Your plugin does this nicely :wink:

Would be great if just parts of the post could be revealed to certain levels using a shortcode.

2 - Remove Ads for Patrons

I think the best way to accomplish this is through automatically adding/syncing WP Roles with Patron Reward/Pledge Levels, since most ad systems can hide ads based on which roles someone is in.

3 - Free WooCommerce Products for Patrons

I have uploaded a lot of code and videos to my site which readers can pay to download.

Now I’d like my level 2 patrons to be able to download my code free, and level 3 patrons to also be able to download my videos free.

Update: I manually created three roles (level1, level2, level3) and using a plugin was able to change their discount based on “role,” so if we could get the Patreon Wordpress plugin to assing Patrons to roles I would be very happy!


Shawn Tierney, TheAutomationBlog.com

PS - I understand @codebard has a paid plugin, but as of this moment he’s charging everyone 21% sales tax? As an American I can’t bring myself to pay taxes without representation. It would be like Amazon trying to charge me 10% tax because they’re shipping me a product from New York…

1 - Patron Pro has custom level shortcode feature built in.

2 - This is not that easy at all. The delivery mechanism for ads vary in between themes or plugins. There isnt a standard protocol that is used. It should be possible to cover some major themes if so decided, but these would also require following and maintenance as these themes get updated hence add to our development load.

An alternative method exists, which could cover all situations with Patron Pro’s non-patrons shortcode, but that requires manual insertion of ad JS code.

3 - Auto assigning user roles to patrons may upset varied setups in different sites. But something that allows override of user roles from settings could be possible in the long run, if the team so decides. Up until then there should be various plugins that can help you assign user roles depending on user meta. All patrons have the similar meta which identify them, so it should be possible.

Codebard.com should charge you Eu VAT only if you appear to be inside Eu physical borders, or using a service (VPN or proxy) that appears to be in Eu borders. If you are outside Eu without any such service in between but yet still being recognized as inside Eu, this may be an ISP situation - trying another isp if possible or waiting for some time for your IP to change naturally may solve the issue.


1 - Yes, that is why I was considering your paid plugin, but as others have asked, it would be great if Patreon added it to their free plugin. However, if they added number 3 (mapping Patron levels to WP roles) they wouldn’t need to add this.

2 - This is actually pretty easy, depending on the Ad Plugin you are using.

I already have this working for one role, my “level 3” patrons, since my advertising plugin allows disabling all ads for a single role. I’m now hoping to get them to support adding multiple roles to their ignore feature.

But if they don’t, Jetpack includes functionality to hide widgets based on roles, and I could likely use your shortcode plugin to hide my in-article ads which already use shortcodes.

Update: My Ad plugin vendor is hoping to add the option to turn off Ads for multiple roles in the next release!

3 - I’m reading your comment as, “Using a new feature could break or interfere with an existing feature of another plugin?” So true, which is why I would imagine it would be an option.

And the option to “map” Patron levels to Wordpress roles would be awesome.

I already have my three WP / Patron roles setup in WooCommerce to provide each level of Patrons different discounts, and I’m close to having all three Patron levels setup to be ad free, so this feature would be a home run in automating Patreon integration.

Codebard.com - It’s not my ISP - whatismyipaddress.com and whatsmyrouterip.com both report I’m in the United States correctly with location blocking on. This happens using Spectrum and AT&T, two of the largest internet providers in both the USA (top 5) and Worldwide (top 10). Hopefully this feedback will help you diagnose the issue.

Hello, Thanks for everything you do.Here is my ideas.

1-Patreon Post Widget(Show number of post with featured images in different styles) and Patreon Timeline(recent post-not widget full page in wordpress) Page for wordpress ( I want to show people what happening in my patreon (with these plugin I share all of the things using patreon)
2-Patreon Goal Widget- I want to show how much people or payment I need to reach new goal.


Free Seamless Textures

Show number of post with featured images in different styles

That’s a bit unclear. How is that different from the plethora of post widget plugins?

Patreon Timeline(recent post-not widget full page in wordpress) Page for wordpress ( I want to show people what happening in my patreon (with these plugin I share all of the things using patreon)

I believe this is not currently possible due to posts not being acquire-able from the api.

Patreon Goal Widget- I want to show how much people or payment I need to reach new goal.

I think this and others can be added to Button and Widget plugin, then be made to work with Patreon WordPress. I will consider adding these to that plugin via Codebard and make them sync with PW if it is installed…

I would like that in the option of “blocking a part” has the option to unblock regardless of the level of patreon. because there are downloads available for all my patreons and I do not want to make a site completely closed.

Goal widget is now available in the free widget plugin, also in Patron Pro bundle.

Having the ability to host a widget or footer link that takes you to a dedicated page in the WordPress site that shows all the active supporters with the ability to separate tiers into certain columns or sections.

Maybe have the widget or link say “this website was made possible thanks to our patrons”.

This is especially useful for sites that don’t lock everything behind Patreon but only certain pages, posts, etc.

Maybe even extending this out to having “patron supporter” badges on buddypress member profiles.