Wordpress Plugin Feature Ideas

I’d like to see a way to post back to patreon that a new wordpress post has been made for those who follow patreon only posts. Sometimes my domain name gets stuck in spam and Patreon doesn’t and sometimes people look at Patreon to see what is updated. Thanks

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Drip content, please.

Most of the patreons I follow are using it for “early access” type of patreon rewards, but how fast you go is determined by your tier. (Or it’s more like, you get 5 advanced pages for Tier 1, or 10 advanced pages for Tier 3.) And that’s before considering that such early access reward will eventually be published for the general visitors as well.

I only recently found out that it was called as such. If it can be implemented soon, that’ll be awesome.


I haven’t actually used the plugin much. I just installed it.

But, I noticed that you told users to leave brutally honest feedback in the admin notification. That’s a good strategy if you want to tank your ratings. It should say something positive like, “Like this plugin? Click here to leave a rating!” Otherwise you’ll just attract negative people in your ratings.

Also, you have no screenshots in the description of your plugin. That’s one of the most important things. I was surprised to see this was the official plugin when I noticed there was no screenshots. I almost didn’t download it.

Other than that, the software seems fine from my limited experience of it. But you should consider those two things!


By the way, dripping content is possible since 1.2.0 - you can use the total historical pledge amount.

What this needs:

  • ability to protect various sections of the website, not just the posts; for example, by default, the plugin protects posts, but not comments; while this can be solved manually, it should work out of the box.

  • getting auth done server side - some of my readers try to access the web page from their work computers, but their firewalls (at work) block patreon. As such, locking posts/comments doesn’t really work for them (they can’t authenticate).

Some parts like comments can be reliably locked since they use standard WP functions and there is one single point to hook into, but any part of website cant be handled like that since any plugin/theme may present WP content or features differently.

However the below code exists to lock whatever section of your website as you noted.

About to integrate into our wordpress ecommerce website and would love to give our Patrons discounts at different levels. example, a $10 patron would receive a 10%, $15 patron; 15%…etc

I believe this can be accomplished via the coupon system by setting the coupons to specific patreon levels.


I believe you can accomplish this by using the custom lock code:

Expanding the if to coincide with the Patreon levels you wish while using the ecommerce plugin’s hooks/filters to get the code process coupons could accomplish what you need.

I think it would be really cool if I could post on Patreon and have it flow to Wordpress automatically, without having to double post.


Yeah, that is a feature which is frequently asked for. The team is aware of the demand for this feature, but currently there is no plan for implementing it anytime soon.

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