Yearly subscribers of low-tier get past high-tier wall

Hello Patreon team,

We have been using the wordpress plugin to allow our $5+ tier subscribers access part of our website. Our $1 tier subscribers should not have access. The plugin correctly identifies $1 tier monthly subscribers and rejects access as intended. The plugin, however, mishandles those who choose the $1 tier yearly payment method (the ones who get charged a discounted $12 for the year). We want to be able to reject to people who happen to choose that payment method, and currently, they are getting through the wall. We were tipped by a supporter to this problem, and we tested this by becoming patreon subscribers to ourselves using each type of payment at the $1 tier. Monthly payments correctly blocked access, but yearly payments of the same tier incorrectly allowed us through.

Thank you,

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Iā€™m having the exact same issue.