1.1.1 much slower than 1.1.0 on my site


I’ve switched back to 1.1.0 as 1.1.1 slows down my site by a couple of seconds for each post choice while navigating around, I don’t need the image locking options so 1.1.0 is fine for me, I’m guessing this is because I have a large number of posts, as previous versions to 1.1.0 were pretty much unusable due to massive slowdowns as well.

My only worry is if I can’t upgrade the plugin then security issues etc will be a problem.

I haven’t launched my site officially yet, so it has no users, but I need to be able to know that each plugin update isn’t going to further slow things down…

That’s quite curious. 1.1.0 did not have a way to disable image locking, so technically it should be slower from 1.1.1 even if it wouldnt be noticed on a standard web host with an average site size.

Does this happen when you are navigating through next/prev post links on a single post, or while navigating through pages in post listing like category pages?

If you could arrange a new admin account and send credentials to ozgur@c.patreon.com , i could check this on-site. Password should be complex enough and this account should be deleted after debugging.

Thanks, email sent.

Basically it slows pretty much everything down, even the wp-admin area.
With 1.1.1 installed everything is less ‘zippy’ somehow.

Browsing posts is usually almost instantaneous with 1.1.0 (there are hardly any users yet as it’s not a launched site properly), with 1.1.1 there is about a 2-3 second gap doing just about anything.

Got the credentials, thanks.

I got in, i was able to reproduce the issue. It seems like ~1 sec is added with 1.1.1.

I’ll post the results later.

Ok, thanks, its amazing how just a couple of seconds can make things seem slow.

We will probably have the results tomorrow. It seems elusive - the apparent changes we did to frontend, api functions and other additions dont seem to cause it.

I’ll update this thread when i get more info. For now you may use 1.1.0.

1.1.1 doesnt seem to be adding any particular weight on page loads and the speed difference doesnt seem to be consistently reproduce-able.

If its ok, i would like to run live tests on your site tomorrow (friday). Please let me know. Thanks.

Yes thats ok, hopefully you can find out whats causing it.

Please check out how the site performance is now and let me know - 1.1.1 is on and some code modified.

It seems much better, let me give it a full test tomorrow to be sure, but it’s looking good.

Seems good, much faster :slight_smile:

The only quirk I could find was that the ‘Unlock with Patreon’ red button displayed on posts is corrupted using the amended 1.1.1 (most of the red colour is missing - tested on Chrome and Edge), reverting to 1.1.0 it’s displayed correctly again.

Everything still works quickly almost a month later.

Are these manual changes you made to my site going to be added to the next version, or should I not update when the next version comes around ?

Also any word on the strange graphic anomaly I mentioned above ?


You should upgrade to 1.1.2 when it comes out. If you encounter any issues, you can always download 1.1.0 and revert back.

We didnt notice any graphical anomaly with any other user’s installation. It may go away when you upgrade to 1.1.2 and refresh your site cache.

1.1.2 is slow again, I’ve reverted back to the version of 1.1.1 that you manually changed for me.
Are those changes in 1.1.2 ?

This seems to be an issue particular to your site, since we are not able to reproduce it.

I would like to look into this again - if you have deleted the earlier admin user/pass, please make new ones and mail me at ozgur@c.patreon.com

I recreated your admin login, email sent.


Hi, was the login ok ?


Yes, it works. Ill check this out tomorrow.

Please check the performance out and let us know if there is improvement whenever you can.

Sadly it’s still slower than the previously altered 1.1.1, I’ve emailed you more details.