2 newbie's questions


  • Is the patron ID of a user always 6 numbers?
  • If my need doesn’t exceed the use of the functionalities of APIv1, is it safe to keep using it or should I switch to APIv2 because APIv1 might still end up breaking at one point?


Assuming patron id would be an int or bigint could be future proof i think.

Moving to v2 is also the better choice.

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Thanks. Currently I’m using a java library on the V1 and I have no use for the new functionnalities of V2, switching to it will cost me a big amount of time for no usage benefit in my case.
When you say it’s better, do you mean the V1 could break at one point because of no more support? Thanks

v1 will eventually be deprecated at one point in near future, and some advanced features like historical pledge etc are only available in v2.