Access My Audio Rss Link via API

Hi there,
We are currently integrating Patreon into our app, one of the features would be podcasts which are accessed via the audio rss link described here:

Is there anyway to get the users audio rss link from the api, potentially stored in

Thank you

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The closest I got was finding the right URL resource from the HTML and being denied.

What I can say without checking into code at this point is that such a documented method to get the audio rss url for a patron doesnt exist.

Sounds like it’d be a type of benefit a member would receive from their membership. If that’s correct then you’d have to request the relations that contain their membership and that membership’s benefits if you’re using the /current_user path.

I’m not sure what the defaults are on the benefit relation, but you’d at minimum want the type and description, and maybe the title fields.

This is all guess work though.