Retrieve PrivateRSS Link for Patron

Hey all,
I am trying to see if there is a way to retrieve the Pirvate RSS Link under a Patron’s benefits for a Campaign.
I am able to get the Campaigns the user is a member of, as well as the benefits, but neither seem to contain the URL of the Private RSS.

Is this something that is possible via the Patreon API or any other methods?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Do you need to get creator’s posts?

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Thanks for the response!
That may help, although I cannot get seem to retrieve the posts for the campaign I’m testing with:

I get a valid response for the campaign:



    "data": {

        "attributes": {

            "created_at": "2017-03-13T05:20:20.000+00:00",

            "creation_name": "Sacred Symbols, KnockBack, and Side Quest!",

            "discord_server_id": null,

            "google_analytics_id": null,

            "has_rss": true,

but I get nothing when I request the posts. I’ve included campaigns.posts in my scopes when retrieving the oauth token.



    "data": [],

    "meta": {

        "pagination": {

            "total": 0




This creator does have posts on their Paetreon page. Is there a reason why I am unable to see them?

Appreciate your support :slight_smile:

Just check out the get_posts and get_post calls in Patreon WordPress:

The content sync feature of Patreon WordPress could help you to implement a logic for regular post sync as well:

This code is out and installed on over 4000 sites so it is sufficiently tested.

Great, this works for retrieving my own posts on my personal patreon page.
However, I also want to be able to retrieve posts from other creators patreon pages that the authorized user is a member of.

Is this not allowed in the API? When I try to get posts from other campaigns I do not get any results, only works for my own campaign.

This may require creator access token for each creator.

But try requesting campaigns.posts scope while authenticating as a user/patron (without creator token) and see if you can retrieve posts of the user. That may be worth trying.