[Solved] How do I know what benefits my patron has access to?

I have an OAuth app that lets users of my website click a “Connect to Patreon” button and using their access token I can get their memberships to my campaigns however I can’t see any way to know what benefits/rewards they can get.

What API endpoints can I query to retrieve their benefits if there are even any?

I tried using my creator’s access token to query my campaign to retrieve the benefits but that gives me a 401 error.

Any help appreciated

should be under currently entitled tiers / included section.

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I found it by trial and error. Add campaign.benefits to the include and it will give you the benefit/reward IDs that the user has.


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There is more than one way surely. you can query the user then ask for the tiers in an include (currently_entitled_tiers). You can directly query the member of a campaign etc.