Getting a list of benefits for a patron or all of them

Hi there!

I am struggling with the v2 API…

What I want to achieve is a task that can poll a list of all patrons of my creator page including their benefits. I mean benefits, not the tier or pledge amount!

Is that even possible?

The background is that I created a few benefits that I assigned to my tiers and it would be much easier to change these assignments when editing tiers, than what it would be like when having to adjust the code every time…

I have been trying a few thing like…,benefits
…but I wasn’t able to find something.

I noticed that this list is provided in the webhook example data but fun fact: Not in the actual webhook payload… But even if it was there, trhere is no hook for changes like pending → paid or paid → unpaid as of the docs so webhooks are not suitable anyways…

What I want to do: I need to maintain the state of a few benefits in my own database so that the DB always has a quite current (as in max. about 48 hours old) snapshot of if the user has a tier where benefit X is included.

Thanks for any thoughts!

You could get the patrons’ tiers, and then match them to your campaign’s benefits.