Moving patrons from Acast to Patreon RSS feed

As a creator, I submitted a support request on this, and it sounds like what I need is not currently available. But I wanted to run it by developers to see if there’s another way.

I have over 100 private, patron-only podcasts on Acast (that is, episodes or posts). At the time I started creating them, this was the only option. I’d like to move to Patreon for my private podcast RSS feed, and I can easily change the setting toggle from Acast to Patreon. But what about all the 100+ podcasts that are on Acast?

Support told me that existing patrons who have set up their private Acast RSS feed will still have access to the old episodes. But what about new members? They suggested manually moving the existing Acast content, episode by episode, to Patreon. That would be PAINFUL. And also, all the dates would be wrong (I’m presuming I can’t post something with a custom date that’s in the past). Also, there may be a monthly limit to what I can post, but I’m not sure.

So, I put in a feature request for a migration tool. It seems like a must-have feature for anyone with existing Acast content, but it doesn’t appear to exist. I want something that will migrate all that content, preserving the metadata.

Until then… I was thinking that maybe the Patreon API might offer a way to do this, so I could automate this with a python script. Briefly looking at the API docs, I don’t see anything that would allow me to do this - but I may have missed it.

Can anyone think of another solution for this problem?

They suggested manually moving the existing Acast content, episode by episode, to Patreon

Currently there isnt a way to create posts via the api, so this is the only way. For the date issue, you can add an “Originally published on:” notice under every post with the original publication date.

I honestly don’t think I’d bother to do all that work - again, we’re talking about well over 100 episodes, each with an audio file, episode title, image, and notes. The manual process would be horrendous - and then my posts would be cluttered with all these posts inserted out of order.

Is there a posting limit for audio on Patreon? Like, if I did a batch of 20 episodes over the course of a few days, would I hit a limit?

Maybe that’s not a bad thing… I could to this over a period of time, 5-10 at a time…

No you should be able to post your episodes as fast as a normal human could.