Account creation

I have tried several membership plugins but I like the Patreon Plugin because it is about supporting content creators and I like that concept.

I already installed the plugin and set everything up. There is a lock feature on my posts.

My questions are the following:

I already tested that a suscriber account is created if a visitor clicks on the “unlock with patreon button” and goes through the patreon sign up process and join my tier.

#1 What happens if a person goes straight to my patreon page and join a tier? will a suscriber account on my blog be created? When is the account created during the process?

#2 If a patreon stops supporting the site on Patreon, will he be able to continue checking the content on my website?

#3 What happens with users who join a tier, they pause their support for a while and they come back several months later to join the tier again?

You should specify which integration/plugin you are using though - are you using the WordPress plugin? Or some other integration/plugin?

The wordpress plugin found in the repository

Yes, but is it “Patreon WordPress”, or “Patreon Button, Widgets and Plugin by CodeBard”?