"Allow" button requires multiple clicks/double-click

I’ve found that on several browsers, and my patrons have had this experience as well, that when on the Allow/Deny page the Allow button requires several clicks or a double click, leading some Patrons to believe that the button is broken. The Deny button, however, works perfectly with one click.

Is this the intended functionality of the Allow button?

Allow/Deny button where? During oauth/permission process?

Yes, exactly.

Additionally, it seems that patrons almost always have to go through this page, each time they access locked content.

Does this happen consistently on all browser/device combinations? Or does it affect particular ones?

It seems to happen on any browser/device that I use unfortunately. I’m honestly not particularly web-design savvy, is this something to do with cookies on wordpress?

It may have. Cleaning all cookies for your site on that browser may help. Tools like Web Developer extension (available in many browsers) allow you to clean cookies for a domain easily. Or you can do it over settings. An alternative is clearing all cookies.