Allow creators to show app integrations in rewards

Today, only Discord is featured in rewards, which is pretty bad.

I believe all apps in the app directory should be allowed in a reward:





Heck yes @Falco I agree. Great mockups :slight_smile: Going to share internally.

Highlighting integrations on creator pages would have huge impact:

  • Creators see exactly what integrations their peers are using
  • Creators confidently adopt those integrations
  • Integrations spread across our user base

And not to forget:

  • Patrons get excited about the clearer value they’re gonna get
  • Patrons better understand how and where a reward will be fulfilled

This is validated super well by the behavior we already see of how much creators learn from each other. Also, as you pointed out, by the discord integration from last year. (Unfortunately not totally reusable because Discord was done as an integration on our end rather than “Connect with Patreon”)

There’s a separate team working on this led by @hardkornelius (who comes with a good amount of platform experience at previous companies). That team is the creator-side of all this.

This is core to how Patreon wants to help fund the creative class. As a result, that team is thinking big. They’ve got a lot of foundation work to do because we have so many creators building their businesses on the platform for a while now. Also, the future of this will encompass both third-party integrations AND internal teams AND other rewards creators offer themselves.

Your mockups make me wonder if there’s something we can do sooner. It’s a tough topic because there’s lots of requests and needs to balance here (core API improvements and resources for developers too), as well as not tripping up the long-term investments.


That’s exactly my point.

Discord is a different beast, where Patreon went all in, and did everything and built a deep integration into Patreon itself.

All I need today, is a multi-value select input that lists apps that are already in the app directory.

This will already give us a lot of visibility and information of integration adoption.