Bug: Discord added monthly

One person I donate to has a Discord server and because I have linked my Discord account to my Patreon account, I get added to it every month, despite leaving it soon afterwards every time. Apparently the Patreon-Discord-integration doesn’t differentiate between new pledges and repeated ones.
Sure, I personally could just unlink my Discord account, but there might be someone who wants to get Discord rewards on one server, but not another.

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Hey @Fabian42,

Nick here from the Patreon platform team.

Thank you for the feedback. It seems like the core issue here is you’d like the option to choose which Discord rewards to receive (and automatically join) each month, rather than blanket acceptance to all of them.

I can bring that feedback to the team here and I’ll also be moving this over to the product feedback section.

No, I just want to only be added to Discord servers once when I start a monthly donation, not every month.

Hey @Fabian42,

Thanks for clarifying. I’ll mark that additional feedback as well!