API - Getting Scheduled posts?

So, back to work on my fixing my feed library for Patreon, and I noticed, that I’m only getting posts that have been published, nothing for future-scheduled posts.

Is there a way, an argument, or something that will let me get all posts, past and future?

I’m asking, because I’d like to put together a Post calendar for my site, showing people exactly what they’d be getting by signing up on Patreon.

When you are pulling the posts, are you getting those posts’ ids or do they not appear in the result when you call /posts? Ie like this:

They don’t appear at all. Running the /posts api gives me 33 posts from my test account. There’s a total of 43 posts there. 10 still scheduled.

So, got any thoughts on this?

Of course, you will have to paginate to get the next set of results. You can use the next cursor that comes in in the result.

I do paginate. okay, so page results are limited to 20/per page. So, if I didn’t paginate, how did I end up with 33 posts and not 40? I reiterate. Scheduled posts are not appearing.

Its possible. When you try to specifically get a scheduled post by post id, do you get results?

Let me try. Problem is, that won’t help unless I know the post ID. But lets see if it works.

Getting the data from a scheduled post works IF you know the post ID. Not that useful if you don’t have said ID handy.

Its possible that api does not support scheduled posts yet since they are not published.