Automated list of patreons at the top of website

I’m trying to automatically fetch a list of patreons to publically display at the top of my website (

Is there a way to do this without requiring a log in button?

Yes, this is possible without requiring individuals to log in with their Patreon account. You can generate a Creator's Access Token which can be used to query the API for your campaigns details.

The first step would be to register a Client and then from there you will have access to the Creator's Access Token, then depending on the language you’re using, you can probably use one of the Patreon API Libraries to query the API. If you need any further pointers, please provide information on the language you’d like the solution to be implemented in.

I’ve registered my app and got my creator token.

I’m trying to work in php, but havn’t managed to get the PHP API to work.