Automating content

Hi, I want all the blog posts in Patreon to be forwarded to my website blog. Does this plugin do it? Ideally I’d like the website to duplicate all content with the same restrictions as on Patreon. Failing that I need Patreon to automatically send links to all the entries on Patreon to my blog to help aggregate and direct traffic frmo my website to the Patreon site. I can’t make a blog entry for every new Patreon release - it doubles the work and I’m releasing a song a week for a year with bonus tracks midweek.

Can it be automated? Am I missing something?


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Patreon API does not provide such content automation at the moment, but the team is aware of the demand for this feature.

However i cant say whether it will be implemented, and if so, whether anytime soon.

HI Codebard,

Thanks for your swift reply. I have to say it is extremely disappointing that such straightforward functionality is not available and had I known this (I naturally assumed it), it may well have influenced my decision about which platform to use and how to go about realising the project I’m embarking on. Can you please pass it to the creative directors that as a user of Patreon I consider it massively important and stupendously essential for such a simple facility to be incorporated into the platform as soon as is humanly possible.

Thanks and good luck,


(I am actually both amazed and baffled by this - I can understand wanting to keep the content on your platform, but to not even be able to automate links to it or have a feed seems counterproductive and an oversight bordering on the ridiculous for such a spectacularly successful and well-considered platform - please please please pass this email to anybody in a position to make it happen.)