Become a Patron button wording

The wording on the widget-code generated button seems to have changed on my site. It used to say ‘Become a Patron’ but now it says ‘Join 11 Patrons’ (yes I currently have 11). But how do I change it back to something that doesn’t say how many patrons I have?

Example would be here

Also, how do you test that the unlocking on posts actually works?

BTW I’m on the free plugin version.


The only button/widget i see is the one from Patreon Button, Widgets & Plugin and it seems to say ‘Become a Patron’.

There is another insert at the footer which asks users to unlock patron only content for $1 at the footer but it seems to be manually generated.

Join 11 Patrons couldnt have come from any WP plugin related to Patreon (the ones we develop). It could have been a JS widget or from some other plugin.