Patreon Plugin Pro -- Is there a way to replace Unlock button?

I apologize for the basicness of the question – but as far as I can tell there is no way to keep the Unlock button from putting the Patron pipeline, meaning in my case they are automatically sent to the page for the $3 level (which is the minimum level for reading the post). I would like, however, for the unlock button to send them to my creator page, where they might choose to select a higher priced tier.

So I guess I’m asking if I can either (A) have the Unlock button send the reader to the creator or page or (B) Eliminate the Unlock button entirely and just link to the creator page?

This feature comes from Patreon WordPress and it is not modifiable by Patron Pro yet.

However, you can use some custom code to modify behavior of that plugin:

add_filter(‘ptrn/patron_link’, ‘change_patreon_flow_url’,1);

function change_patreon_flow_url($url) {

return "";


Putting this code in your theme functions.php or a custom plugin should change the link behavior.

You must change ‘yourpatreonvanityname’ with your vanity name. And keep the ? at the end.

Or you can use whatever url you want them to land at Patreon with an added ? at the end.

Using it in theme’s function php is not a good idea since it will get overridden with a theme update. Better to just put it in a different, new plugin.

If you dont know how to do that, please just let us know.

Thank you. No, I don’t know how to create this custom plugin … any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you provide the exact url to your profile, i can provide you a zip file that can be installed as a plugin. (well, its a plugin in the end)

Fantastic. My url is

Sorry, i meant the Patreon profile url

Oh, sure, sorry about that. It’s

Here is a simple plugin with the code and your url. It should work if you download, upload and activate it in your plugin admin:

OK, this works. BUT I now realize the problem with this … people who are signed into Patreon are coming to the WordPress blog and seeing the excerpt and Unlock Button. And now when they press the button they go to the Patreon Page – there seems no way for them to sign into my WordPress blog.

Also, people now get this message when they try to sign in:

Sorry. Aborted Patreon login for security because security cookies dont match.

You can use the login button for logging them in.

Whenever you place

[patreon_login_button] anywhere, it should render a login button.