Can't Upload Images or Change Cover Photo

I’ve done some googling and found others have experienced the same issues, but can’t seem to find a solution easily. Basically, my patreon stopped allowing me to change the cover photo about a month or two ago- but that didn’t fuss me too badly so I ignored it. But now I can’t even upload image based posts to my Patreon. I have checked my file sizes, cleared my internet cache, cookies, changed browsers, whatever I could think of that might be causing this odd occurance.

I was about to upload a text post with an image based attachment that can be downloaded- but as no one has commented or liked it yet I am unsure of whether or not it can be seen by the public.

Any idea what might be causing this? Seems like it might be a universal problem? Any word on bug fixes? Please, while I’ve found that post+attachment work around it isn’t nearly as nice as seeing the picture right there in your gallery.

Hi @AlbinoRaven666! Are you still running into this? So sorry, it seems frustrating!

Since this issue sounds like it’s specific to your campaign, I’d actually suggest writing into support. You can start here:

They’re generally pretty quick!