Change text above button


I want to change the text above the “Unlock with Patreon” button

At present is says " To view this content, you must be a member of ** at £1** or more. I want to either change that the the name of the correct minimum tier OR just change the text

Is this possible?

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I"d like to know too, as displaying a minimum tier would create a better UX

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The number and tier there already represents the minimum tier that you set to lock that post in the post editor.

To re-ask, is it possible to change the “to view this content…” text somewhere?

I cannot find a setting for this anywhere, and right now it’s glitching on my site anyway showing " at %%currency_sign_front%%15%%currency_sign_behind%% or more". I don’t know why it’s doing that, but if I could edit the message to begin with, I could remove the code that it can’t read.

Your site could be showing the cached versions of locked pages. Try ensuring that site or server-side caching do not interfere with it.

Okay, but in the meantime, how to change that text? It should be customizable anyway? What if I want it to say something different?

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Which particular text?

I am having the exact issue here. How do I change the text " %%currency_sign_front%%15%%currency_sign_behind%%" to something readable?

If you go to WP admin → Patreon Settings, you should be able to set what is shown before and after the currency there. Also make sure that your plugin is the latest version.