Custom Call To Action

So I fixed my issue yesterday using the pho code snippet… but now I am having issues with the call to action banner. I want to use a custom call to action banner, so I first tried entering in my HTML into the field shown below:

It worked… but the old (default) one was still displayed beneath it. Could using the php snippet be interfering with this? I tried entering the html in the php section as well before the else{} section and the same thing happened - the old one was displayed beneath it.


Can you post a screenshot of the page as it is right now?

In which variation? i removed all the custom call to action cause i coudlnt get it to work. i have it saved so i can easily add it back. want me to add to the php snippet or in the main worpress plugin settings?

as of this moment it looks like this:

you can also see it here

when i try to add something custom in, this just shows up beneath what i add

It seems like what you are adding seems to be added after the post content. Are you using visual composer to add it?

Oh i have uncode theme… what you are seeing underneath is my footer on every page. the “body” of the page is in between the header and footer is just the default patreon button. I can add what I wanted to substitute the default with, but shoudl I add it to the php code or in the settings? I tried both with the same result… but I don’t know if you have a recommended method

Is the ‘Unlock with Patreon’ button above, in the header, or is it a gated/locked post?

its a gated page using the php snippet. it isnt in a header or footer… its in the main body of a single page (not a post)

here i recopied the html into the setting in the patreon plugin. this is whats happening. my new one shows up, but the old one still shows up underneath it

here is how my page is broken down, this page specifically doesnt have a header.

Yes but that is normal. You gated a part of your content via the PHP snippet. And its in header or some common element on your website.

So when someone views a gated post, both the gated post interface and the PHP snippet gating interface must appear. Because each of that content is gated separately - post is gated inside the post, and the header content (or wherever it is) is gated via PHP snippet.

well thats the thing… its not a common element, header, or gated post. its just a single page, one page on my site that has the php snippet. and my understanding was that we could replace the default ‘unlock with patreon’ code in the plugin settings? or can we not replace it?

this is the entire page of that locked page. this is all it is… no header etc. just that php snippet you shared.

then the only other thing i did was add custom html for the call to action banner. which i thought replaced the default banner. but what is happeneing, it is just adding them together. does this make sense?

Custom call to action does not replace default banner, because the default banner is not actually a banner. It is the unlock interface which not only provides unlock button but also provides information on what level of patronage is needed to unlock the content. Additionally, it provides a way to refresh the login. If it was overridden by custom call to action, then the info which the interface shows depending on the status of the particular patron viewing the content, could not be displayed.

ahhh ok so there is no way to replace that then? which is fine if thats the case, i must have just misunderstood

Yes, custom call to action banner is supposed to act as your pitch to the non logged in visitors. The interface is, well, the interface to unlock.