Shortcode Not Working - Want Button Above Custom Call to Action


Thanks for a great plug-in. Will really help make my site fantastic for Patrons. I am having one issue however. My custom call to action is quite long. Quite a few paragraphs explaining why some of my content is for my Patron’s only. So, I would like to have the text "This content is available to Patrons pledging $XX or more as well as the button “Unlock with Patreon” before my long winded custom call to action. This way Patrons can quickly click the button without the need to scroll through my diatribe.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind it before and after. So, I searched this forum and did find the short code [patreon_login_button] and attempted to place it in the custom call to action box before the text but it just comes out as [patreon_login_button] with no button to show. I thought I could create my own link but I am not great at writing code and I see your button refers to the post number so I certainly do not know how to make the link dynamic.

Can you help me to get the button somehow on top of the call to action, and then my call to action text and if possible, the button again at the bottom in case some one reads through the text and I magically convince them to join?


Nobody? I thought my request was an easy one. Anyone know how to move the button to the beginning of the custom banner?

In the official plugin this interface is generated as a bloc, together. So in the official plugin, what you intend to do is not built-in.

However entire interface has developer hooks to allow modification of the plugin for 3rd party devs. Through these filters you can disable that text for that location and create a custom text somewhere else to append.

Custom call to action box is a custom data attached to the post and shortcodes are not processed in it. If you put the login box shortcode in your content, then the button should appear.

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Thanks- that worked. Appreciate the help.

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