Drupal integration

I’m building a site in Drupal 8, and notice that there is a Patreon / Dupal integration module available on drupal.org posted by MrDaleSmith

A couple of questions, please

  1. Is this an official Patreon product?

  2. On my website, I want my users to sign-in to my own website, but will they also have to sign-in to Patreon in order to access the subscription-only sections of my site?

It’s OK if they are required to create a Patreon account in addition to one on my own site, but not so great if they have to sign-in to both sites in order to use mine.

  1. Is there any documentation available for this Patreon / Drupal integration module.

Thanks so much

Hey @malcolmtent,
Thanks for reaching out. The drupal plugin is not an official Patreon product, so you’ll have to direct specific question about it’s functionality to the developer.

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You can do it how the current official WP plugin does: Take them through oAuth, and then either auto-log them in if they are already logged into your site (and link their Patreon account with the drupal account) or create a user for them using their Patreon info (name, surname, email etc) and then log them into that account and link that account with their Patreon account.

This will create a rather seamless login/registration procedure which is like any social login methodology out there.

I’m not associated with the Drupal module but looking at the page for it, I located some documentation:


Those 2 documents give a better idea of the functionality, and appear to answer your questions.

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