Elementor Code Shows In Front End

Using the Patreon Pro plugin when gating pages it reveals Elementor code on the front end?

I believe I responded this via your email, however, c/ping here just in case:

You may have used an elementor component in the sneak peek section.
Elementor may not work in there. You can try using standard WP
formatting instead - headings, bolding etc. These should be available
in the sneak peek toolbar.

That’s not the problem, the problem is the template code is revealed on the front end when gating the page, so I had to turn off the Sneak Peak feature. The editor worked fine but apparently, it’s not up to speed with Elementor, and pretty much pointless to try and use it. Simply put it isn’t compatible with Elementor.

There are also a number of other things like having to use custom CSS plus the overusage of the !important tags so far I am not impressed

Well, the sneak peek feature is not something that can be turned off or on. I think you were using the call to action setting in general plugin settings. Because sneak peek is unique to each post and it can be found in the post editor only.

The important tags have been incorporated due to there have been a lot of themes that overrode the plugin code and styling.

Then maybe you can explain this

When this engaged the next image shows the code for the Elementor “Heading widget”

Ah. You are using dynamic sneak peeks instead of creating sneak peeks for individual posts. Since that feature creates a plain text excerpt from the content of your post automatically, what elementor component you put inside your post content shows up as plain text.

There isnt a reliable way to auto-generate an automatic sneak peek from post content that could be used by being sure that it won’t break a site’s HTML. For your use case, using the individual post’s sneak peek field in the post editor would be better. That field shows whatever formatted text you give it. Elementor components may or may not work when posted inside that field - likely wont - but it definitely would not distort your formatting or break your html.

You can find that field in the post editor for each post when you are posting or editing.

At this point, the client is not happy with how this is working and has decided to use something different altogether. The incompatibility with Elementor is the key reason.

With that said when uninstalling this plugin what kind of cleanup am I going to have to do at the database level? Is it going to leave behind a lot of tables that will need to be removed?

The plugins currently do not create any tables. You don’t need to clean up anything.

A clean exit thank you…

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