Error code whenever taking action on wordpress "Undefined index"

I just installed the plugin, and have the following error on the top of my page, and whenever I try to save anything, i get the error. If I refresh or go back a page and refresh, the changes seem to have been saved, but I would like to not be getting this error every time I attempt to make a change to my site.

Notice: Undefined index: patreon_wordpress_action in /home/ns_smith1/ on line 1651

When I went into the php file cited, I found the following code on line 1651:

if ( $_REQUEST['patreon_wordpress_action'] == 'disconnect_site_from_patreon' AND is_admin() AND current_user_can( 'manage_options' ) ) {

thank you in advance for any insight

The issue here is that the plugin doesn’t check if any of the requests are set. Not entirely sure why they aren’t checked.

You can solve these errors by checking if the requests are set with the isset() function.

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Its not an error - its a PHP notice. Shouldnt be on in live (production) sites. It should not affect anything.