Error message %currency sign fbehind% in WP plugin

Hi, WP’s plugin displays an error (“%%currency_sign_fbehind%%”) in “This content is available exclusively to members of RFS Patreon at the time of posting. Become a patron at €3%%currency sign fbehind%% or more to get exclusive content like this in the future.” If you Google the text between parentheses above, you’ll find it on many other sites as well. How can I fix that? Thanks in advance for your reply.

WP 6.2 with PHP 8.2.5
Patreon WordPress 1.8.6 with API v2

Just visit your WP admin → Patreon Settings page. The currency prefix fields that you can use before and after a currency amount are down there in the options.

Thanks for the answer. I’ve tried the settings both with those fields empty and with the € symbol filled in, but I always get the same awkward text. More than an aesthetic or readability issue, I can see how this could reduce the confidence of potential new patrons, so I’d like to see this resolved. Are there any other options I can try?

A caching plugin at your site or your host’s server side caching (or even Cloudflare etc) may be showing a stale, cached page to you and your users. Try confirming that no cache is interfering with the process.