Getting a creator's current monthly income in USD

Good evening!
Currently, if I enter another creator’s page, it typically displays the their current monthly income in my local currency.
I’d like to find it in USD. I could just do the math, but I’d prefer getting the numbers directly from Patreon.
If I can only find it in cents, that’s fine.
I couldn’t find a way to, say, provide a query that’ll change the page’s currency to USD.
Might you be able to help me somehow? If I have to register my client (which I did), that’s fine, I suppose.
But is there a simple way to do this, and if so, then how?
I think it’d make their life easier to have something automated, rather than to have to manually update a number.

Hope to hear from you soon!

campaign_xxxx fields should show the currency in the campaign’s currency. amount_cents may come in the patron’s currency.