How to give access to Wordpress website with Patreon PlugIn for Patreon Trust and Safety Team?

Hi community!
Some time ago, we recieved notificaton and email from Patreon Trust & Safe Team, they need to check content on our Wordpress Site (with access restrictions from Patreon Wordpess Plugin ).

Our page doesn’t have any violations, and website just mirroring content from Patreon page (so, it doesn’t have violations too), but Patreon’s T&S Team need to proof it.

We created account on website with VIP acces (looks like this is feature from payed version of Patreon Plugin by CodeBard) and send cerdentials to support.

Team’s member haven’t login.
And emailed us: “every time I try to log in, it prompts me to add payment details” (but website doesn’t have forms for payment details), and after first attemt he suspended our page (7-10K Patrons, and 2+ years activity!).

So, what the best way to give access for Patreon T&S Team member? Just deactivate all plugins?

T&S Team doesn’t have special master account for access via Patreon as Patrons?

Please, help!

Can you DM me your website and Patreon campaign links?