Images not showing after deleting plugin

Hey there,

I had to deactivate and delete the patreon plugin the other day as it just wasn’t working for what I do. Nothing against the plugin itself, it just wasn’t quite what my audience wanted. So I’ll keep to posting to patreon itself.

BUT-- after deactivating and deleting the plugin–my site broke. No images are showing up at all for anyone.

I had a few images locked before deleting the plugin but this issue only happened after I deleted the plugin. I have done nothing different other than that.

website in question is: topazcomics(.)com (because it won’t let me post a LINK?)
I’m using google chrome both on desktop and mobile to check the site. I’ve had multiple people inform me that it wasn’t working.

I did come across this folder in my cpanel “patreon_locked_image_cache”
And I wonder if that has anything to do with it, since I deleted the plugin it shouldn’t really be there.

I’ve contacted wordpress as well and we can’t figure out why this is happening.

Have you revisited your Settings -> Permalinks and clicked ‘Save’ to refresh your permalink rules?