Improvements Oauth Login Screen

There is currently no way to logout, or switch accounts in the Oauth Login Screen.

Since Patreon is creating easily new user accounts, users might get stuck if they entered one time the wrong email address. Now to switch, they need to go to in their browser and logout, and login again.

Also there is no way to see with which Patreon account you are trying to login with.

They might do something like the Twitter Oauth screen, by showing the Patreon account in the top right corder, where you can also logout or switch accounts.

Where does this happen? In an integration?

Happens with any application that is using integration with Oauth (API Reference).

This is not something that can be handled on Patreon side. If the user has registered with a different email account at your site/app, but tries to log into your site/app with a Patreon account that has a yet different email, you have to develop a logic to correctly link the accounts on your side. If the user is already logged into your site, this shouldnt be a problem.

You could add a note to the page/screen that starts the oAuth flow to tell patrons that they should switch to the correct account at before logging into your app.

I have never seen any app/site/platform which is using oAuth flow, like X, Facebook, Reddit to switch to the correct account on the oAuth platform before logging into any app.

It’s just adding a switch account or logout button in the login screen, nothing more then that. So definitely handled by Patreon side, since they own the oAuth login screen.

Anyway, thanks for your reply. Not sure if there is even a developer of Patreon itself available on this platform haha! I feel like Oauth stuff have their priority.

There isn’t anything specific to account switching in the oAuth2 spec. Including the other services you listed, managing accounts is something left to the user.

In any case, you can address this by notifying your patrons on your side before the oAuth flow.