New, separate login page

I was wondering if there is a way to create a separate login page just for Patrons when the login into the website’s Patreon page. Does this make sense?

Some elaboration may be needed.

Is that a page for patrons to log into Patreon, or a page shown after they have logged in via Patreon.

The first, when they log in to Patreon.

Currently there is no option as such.

You can make it happen by hooking into login process and checking for Patreon login, and then redirecting.

How do I do this? I seem to be having a rather difficult affair with this. Perhaps that it may be ideal if I have one of your developers accomplish this for me if I provide them login credentials for the website. This way, I won’t be in danger of making fatal errors as my coding is limited.

We cant actively code for specific installations (sites), hence cant provide development services, but we can help troubleshoot issues with the official plugin.