inability to add github links

I know Patreon is generally for artistic creations, but if they are willing to host Video Game creators content (such as Dwarf Fortress), how about github code that serves the community?

I plan on starting a Patreon project that delves into R Coding for supporters based on Condorcet voting. I was hoping to link my github page, but am unable to (only twitter, facebook, etc are offered as options).

Not a big deal, as I can add it in the about section, but would be nice to have an option to link to it.

Hey @Thistleknot - Nick here from Patreon.

Sorry for the delay, had to approve the post. Linking a Github in the same way we offer other connections is interesting but not something I think we’ve considered doing at the moment. I can pass it along to the team here as a piece of feedback.

In the meantime, you can add the link to your About section as you mentioned.

Thanks for getting back. I had to think long about how I would do rewards w github

Not a problem. It’s definitely an interesting idea and, as we get more developers who use Patreon, I can see that being a connection option. We’re just not at that point yet but I’m happy to bring the feedback to the team.