Is it possible to create a sign up form on my own website?

I want to be able to keep the user within my own website, without re-directing them to patreon to sign up/pay.

Is it possible to integrate a sign up/payment form within my own website?

What are the user flows for this type of journey currently?

Is this a WP plugin question or you want to manually create custom flow in your site?

Manually create it within my own website.

I guess the answer is no then…

Surely you can, but it will require custom coding. Since no pre-packaged solution exists, you will have to code it.

Or if you are ok with just having buttons/widgets, you can use the below free plugin:

I’m happy custom coding it.

But I can’t find any documentation surrounding a sign up & payment form. Only login with patreon button.

Which is why I asked can I integrate a form on my own website that can do patreon payment sign up subscriptions etc…

Signing up or logging in by providing a login/signup form that functions within your site is not possible.

The user will need to be redirected to Patreon to sign up or log in as far as i know.

Thanks, that’s the answer I was looking for.

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