Making the website patreon only sign-up page

I have a site over at
I was curious if there was a way to make the sign up process “patreon only” not refusing others from seeing the whole site and pages.

What I mean is

Can you make it so it only shows the patreon sign in button? I see some third party apps that offer custom sign up pages I am just wondering if there is a shortcode etc to make things a bit easier to throw a sign in with button?

For that you would need to disable normal WP login. Registrations can be disabled for WP in WP settings so WP wouldnt allow registrations from new people. But login disabling may need a plugin or another modification.

Technically if you just disable WP registrations and then just put Login with Patreon button in your sidebar, this should allow your Patrons to register and login via Patreon whereas normal email registrations wont happen.