Is it possible to not charge sustaining subscribers until a goal is met?

Hi all, I’m working with a friend of mine who helps run a non-profit food co-op. We’re looking to set up a new funding platform for them over Patreon, but we need a specific feature enabled that doesn’t currently exist on the platform as far as I am aware. The desired function is as follows:

  1. Have subscribers pledge sustaining support, say $20/month, towards an overall target goal of say, $8K/month
  2. Pledges build up until the target is met
  3. Once the target is met, supporters begin being charged their sustaining pledge

The group I’m working with is looking to increase the number of sustaining pledges, and to tie pledges to the launch of specific food co-ops in new locations to increase donor engagement by knowing exactly which community they support.

Does anyone know or have ideas of how to achieve this result? I’d love to hear about a build someone has already done in the API, an idea of how to code this, or a configuration of the existing features that I’m missing which could enable this.

Thanks in advance!

As far as i know, when patrons pledge at Patreon, they will start getting billed at next cycle. For campaigns which have charge upfront turned on, they will be charged immediately.

Do have some ideas for how I could go about modifying the pledge feature to not charge donors until a goal is met?

I think it wouldnt be possible with the current state of pledges as they are implemented at the api

Thanks. That’s good to know. I’m still really new to the platform so this may be a super obvious question, but is it possible to submit requests for new features?

You can do that via this forum or by posting a zendesk ticket as far as i know.

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Thanks so much! I’ll try submitting a request for this feature. I can already think of some other potential use cases for this, so hopefully it can benefit other people outside of the group I’m working with.

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